Dressing for Job Interviews

National Liquor News

This article was published in the National Liquor News, Nov 2018 edition

We are often asked by candidates what they should wear for job interviews. Mostly candidates have prepared their responses to potential interview questions, researched the company and thought about what they’re going to ask the interviewer… but do they know what they’re going to wear?

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While we work in an industry where a suit and tie or power suit are not the norm, it is rarely appropriate to “dress down” for an interview, regardless of company dress code policy.  Having said this what you wear should be suitable to your industry and the company culture.

The drinks industry is unique and it’s often seen as a fun and vibrant sector to work in.  As a result people dress in a relatively relaxed style.  Often sales people are “out of the office” visiting customers so their work attire tends to be smart yet comfortable.

When it comes to job interviews our advice is to always over, rather than under dress.  Do take into mind who you’re meeting and where.  If it’s an office based meeting we advise male candidates to wear pants, suit jacket and no tie and for women it’s more flexible – smart pants or skirt, shirt and jacket.  For meetings off site the same formula can be applied.

The general consensus amongst recruiters is that dressing to impress for that first job interview not only tells the interviewer you are serious about the job but also that you’re serious about yourself.

Having said this there are always exceptions to this rule.  A young Gen Y candidate interviewing for a sales rep role for a craft beer brand, needs to “look the part”.   Turning up in a suit when the role requires them to be calling on hipster venues isn’t appropriate.   The candidate should meet the brief both in their skill set and “fit for brand”.

Lastly, wear clothes that are comfortable so you are concentrating on what is being asked of you and not on the fact that your pants are cutting into your flesh or your bra strap is falling off your shoulder!  If in doubt, do a full dress rehearsal before the interview and get a second opinion from a friend or family member.